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Dogs with Dog Walker

 Puppy Training Package  


Basic Course                                 8 days

[*basic obedience + socialization or leash training or potty training]

Advanced Course                        8 days

[**Advanced obedience + socialization]

Completion Course                     16 days

[*Basic obedience + socialization + leash training + certification]

What is Daycare Training?

-Your puppy will socialize with other dogs in the daycare facilities.

*Price is subject to change without notice




[Separation anxiety or barking or aggression or calm down training]

Extension Course                         5 days


[Only for customers who took one of the above course]

*Basic Obedience : Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Stop, Go, etc.

**Advanced Obedience : House, Leave it, Bang, Roll Over, Turn Around ,etc.

Special Behavior Correction      16 days


(Available after Basic Obedience)

*Training dogs should be over 3 months old

*Required full vaccinations; DHPP, Bordetella & Rabies

*Special Offer!*

FREE DAYCARE for your 1st visit!

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